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Personalize your web and marketing with content that fit your users. Unique recommendation engine MATEJ will help you sort all data and present relevant offers for each user across various marketing channels.

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Verticals specializing in

Job boards
News and Media
(e-Shops, Tickets,...)
and Accommodation
Classified portals
(Reality, Cars, Goods,…)
(Audio/Video portals, HbbTV, Audiobooks)

How it works

Step 1

Track users actions

Matej tracks each user behaviour and interest through actions performed on the website.

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Step 2

Identify opportunities

Based on these actions, Matej compares the current user to other users who have already performed the desired actions and identifies the most valuable offers

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Step 3

Promote best offers

After the best offers are identified, Matej presents them to the current user in order to maximise your business results

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UX Designer
Fresh Works
Prague, CZ
UX Designer
The Right Company
Prague, CZ
User Experience
Super Job
Prague, CZ
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Where Matej helps
Web – recommended offers
Personalised landing page
Dynamic e-mail campaigns
Application content, Push notifications
Reward and Loyalty program benefits
Area of expertise

Job Board Portals

By recording interactions such as displaying details of a vacancy, applying for a vacancy or bookmarking a vacancy of any jobseeker, Matej is able to offer a personalised list of vacancies to each candidate, which leads to an increased number of applications received by recruiters

Area of expertise

Real Estate Portals

No matter whether it is a flat, house or land, Matej helps sellers increase the number of potential buyers by personalising displayed premises to your visitors.

Area of expertise

Car Portals

Each potential buyer receives a personalised list of adverts based on their previous interactions, such as visiting an advert detail or contacting a seller of a certain advert. By doing so, Matej increases number of relevant contacts between sellers and potential buyers, improving the value of advertising for sellers.

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Higher conversion
More applications from emails
Higher CTR

Most Accurate Results

Every single user interaction is
tracked and evaluated, which
makes our recommendation
better over time.

Real Time Technology

Recommendations are made in
real time and take into account
the time and weight of different

Easy To Integrate

Matej website integration takes
a matter of hours. Matej offers
standard REST API solution,
feeding data to Matej and
recommendations itself.

Open To New Ideas

We are open to new uses for
Matej. Let us know any new
areas in which Matej can be
useful for your business.

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What our customers
say about us

We have been using Matej engine for more than one year on - the biggest Job Board in the Czech republic. Since we released it, number of job applications increased tremendously, for example applications from e-mails by 50%!
Matej enabled us to reach our users from different point of view and offers them jobs they would not find or even think about by themselves. Nowadays Matej brings 25% of all job applications.
What I appreciate a lot is that Matej is constantly evolving in order to recommend better and better offers towards our users.“

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Kateřina Mnukova
Product Manager,

We have been using Matej at Profesia to recommend job offers for several years. For jobseekers, we are able to provide personalised recommendations to help them find the most suitable job. On the other hand, by advertising companies using Matej, we bring more responses to their job offers and increase the likelihood of finding a suitable employee. Since the implementation of Matej, the recommended offers have become very popular and Matej has become an inseparable part of our portal.

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Katarína Smolíková
Product Manager, Profesia s.r.o.

We have implemented Matej on our used cars website, and we are currently in the model setup phase to get even better results. The partnership with the Matej team is great. The guys are available for all our questions and they care that Matej has the best possible results. We will probably try to implement Matej on our jobs website as well.

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Dušica Vilov
Corporate Development, Infostud 3 d.o.o.

Matej has played a significant role in enabling us to develop a more personalised user experience for Finland’s leading real estate listing site Thanks to the proven recommendation technology of Matej we were able to implement highly engaging recommendation features that help our users discover more interesting listings. 
According to our A/B tests, Matej improved the CTR of one feature by 135% to 170%, when compared to our earlier implementation. The development experience has been very good thanks to the documentation emphasising how to achieve good results with Matej.

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Antti Koivisto
CTO, Alma Mediapartners Oy
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Matej provides.
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Where you can use MATEJ?

MATEJ is a generic recommendation engine, which is usable anywhere users don't change roles/contexts. However, Matej is currently slightly specialised in job-boards, car portals and the real-estate business.

What will our co-operation look like?

Once you have expressed your interest we will plan an introductory meeting together, where we explain to you in greater detail how MATEJ works and you will present your needs and expectations to us. We will discuss how to integrate MATEJ into your website in order to help your business thrive optimally, we will provide you with our best practices and technical documentation. In the case that you need any additional info or help, you can count on our support.

When can I see the results?

MATEJ starts working and learning on the very first day after launching. You can see the results within the first weeks after implementing.

How long does it take to implement Matej on your website?

Integration is very simple, it usually takes a few hours. If you use PHP as your programming language, we can provide you with a library that makes your life even easier.

Does Matej meet GDPR requirements?

Your customers' privacy is important to us. Even though we work with your clients' personal data, such as their click behaviour, purchases, searches and more, your clients remain anonymous to us.

Do you have another question? Contact us.

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